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Sunday Schedule
Worship: 9:30 AM
Except the last Sunday of the month when worship is 5:00 PM the previous Saturday

Education Hour:
11:00 AM

Mission Statement:

An open and affirming
community, seeking a
caring and just society.

Events & News

Please check the newsletter and bulletin
for information on upcoming events

Sabbath Sundays
The last Sunday of the month worship
will be on Saturday evening at 5:00 PM
No Sunday Worship
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Sermons are up to date through:
 October 25, 2014
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New Mark Griffin arrangement
performed on October 19, 2014
available from the Special Music link above

Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday, November 2
Set your clocks back one hour Saturday night

November 2, 2014
Scripture: 1 John 3:1-3, Joshua 3:7-17
Sermon: Rev. Marci Glass

November 2 bulletin and announcements
October 25 bulletin and announcements
October 19 bulletin and announcements
October 12 bulletin and announcements

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